Hate Marketing? Do This…

Hate Marketing? Do This...

“I think Marketing isn’t for me…it’s so pushy, I really hate it.”

It was the first time a client said this to me but not the last…

 For over 15-years, I’ve heard “I can’t” “I won’t” “I don’t” more times than I can count.

I can’t do that…

I won’t do/say that…

I don’t want to do that…

Aside from the obvious and very real resistance to sales and marketing, the real issue is not one of dislike, it’s one of mindset.

In order to market and sell anything we have to rid ourselves of the negative and fixed thinking that pushes back and pushes down.

The kind of resistance I’m referring to is about being trapped in self-serving thoughts – the perspective is on how you feel.

When you flip that perspective on it’s head, by focusing on how your buyer feels, you’ll transform fear, anxiety and overwhelm into something much more productive.

It’s a little like the saying, if you do good things for people you feel good. Well, if you present ideas that make people’s lives better you get better at presenting your ideas. Elementary, but true.

So how does one flip this script?

    1.    begin telling yourself an I Can story versus a can’t/won’t/don’t Story.
    2.    create an empathetic brand using the three pillars below…

Pillar 1: Care About…
What do you value? What do you care about besides the bottom line? Present your brand message as a brand that cares about and values something besides money.

Pillar 2: Be Honest
There are plenty of slimy, sleazy, scummy marketers out there but they aren’t the face of Marketing in your business. You are. Don’t allow someone else’s cheap tricks cheapen you. There’s a better way.

Pillar 3: Ditch Perfection
Positioning your brand as the hailing queen or king of everything perfect and fabulous is well, unattainable. Mistakes will happen no matter how much you safeguard. Ever had a FB Live glitch or sent an email without checking a link? It happens! Own up to your mistakes and have a plan to avoid them in the future whenever possible.

Recently, I witnessed a virtual blood bath when a brand hyped up a product launch, opened the doors for purchase and in fine print noted that the product wouldn’t ship for another week – their production schedule slipped. People were furious. Not because the product wasn’t ready but because the brand knew it wasn’t ready and didn’t fess up. They cared more about appearances than their buyers experience. No one expects perfect, ok? But they do expect you to care enough to disclose mix ups.

And speaking of caring, you got into business (or are thinking about it) because there’s an idea you’re excited and passionate about.

Something that deep down in your most private of thoughts – fear and all the other bullshit aside – you know will make a difference.

Be clear what that difference is. Write it on your bulletin board, make it your wallpaper, tattoo it to your wrist as a reminder when fear or doubt creeps in because entrepreneurship is sometimes scary…scary, exhilarating and wilder than any amusement park ride.

And the ride begins when you embrace marketing and deliver your message and ideas with empathy, honesty and admitted imperfection.

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