What do you say to get your message across? (Part 2/3)

What do you say to get your message across? (Part 2/3)

I explained the very first thing I did that you should do too BEFORE you launch anything. Read that post (part 1) if you haven’t already.

In part 1 of this series, I was telling you about my first entrepreneurial venture selling Bazooka collectible bubblegum cards in the back of my social studies class. I was in catholic school and this kind of behavior was frowned upon.

Today, I’m sharing the second thing I did (and got much better at over the years) when you want to get your ideas out into the marketplace.

So I’ve got my group of potentials identified and I panicked.

Seriously, reality set in and I thought to myself, what in the pleated plaid skirt are you thinking!

I felt certain they’d laugh and point and maybe even kick sand in my face.

So I came up with a personality. Not for me, for my cards. See, instead of trying to put the focus on myself – an effort I was certain would blow up in my smooth-skinned face – I put the focus on my cards.

Does your product or service have a vibe? No? Here’s how to create one:

  1. What role does your product play in your buyers life? Prestige? Believability? Entertainment? Nostalgia?
  • Who is your product to your buyer? BFF. Wing Man. Fairy Godparent. In other words, what’s the relationship you want your product to have with your buyer?
  • What is the personality of your product? Consider up to 5-adjectives to describe your product or services personality (ie: playful, irreverent, sweet).

Here’s why this might matter to you…

It’s not always necessary for the voice on the page (in this case, the message) to be yours. You can give your products a voice.

And if you’d prefer to write everything with your vibe, the steps above will get you there too.

There’s one more step that’s the Elmer’s glue to making your message stick. Come back for part 3.

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