When You Resent Your Job, You Have Only One Option…Break the Law

When You Resent Your Job, You Have Only One Option…Break the Law

It starts with the slow simmer of putting things off.

Followed by a hefty dose of resentment…

Which snow balls into a full blown case of not giving a f*ck.

That’s when you come to the realization that there’s only one option.

Break the Law.

The law that say’s there’s safety in a job you can’t tolerate.

The law that say’s “good girls” play by other peoples rules.

The law that makes you feel like a chained and tormented ghost of who you once were, doomed to wander the earth forever as punishment for sacrificing your values.

Staying in one place is a law worth breaking!

Break it. Break it like your life depends on it because it does.

Your ability to rest peacefully at night depends on it…

…your evenings, weekends, relationships, health, they all depend on you to break the law of staying in one place into a million tiny pieces, regret and fear be damned.

The one thing you can’t compromise, that you can’t ask for, that you don’t earn in that monthly draw or weekly paycheck is the one most important thing…


Go after joy.

Chase it until you’re out of breath and then, keep going.

Resentment is a crisis of the soul.

Fortunately, the soul has it’s own kind of thinking and when you allow it to speak, you tap into your dormant resilience so you can navigate life like a breaker of bullsh*t laws.

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