Feeling freaked? This Simple Tip Will Help You Feel More Badass

Feeling freaked? This Simple Tip Will Help You Feel More Badass

HI, IT’S JANUARY 1ST and you’re probably about to do all sorts of things that I wholeheartedly approve of – as demonstrated by my giddy girl clap.

To help you reach your ultimate destination – which may include doing things like working on your quarterly plan, finishing that course, feeling the heat on your thighs from working away on your laptop and remembering to brush your hair – I wanted to share a piece of advice.

I was given this guidance ages ago. And it made a huge difference in how I look at chaos because lets face it, adventures in growing a business can sometimes make you wanna run around like a white wine vigilante.

Anyway, it’s a way of moving past those moments when you need a double dose of deodorant and pliers to unclench your tightly squeezed ass cheeks.

Here it is…

Stop being afraid of stuff and start getting curious instead.

So simple right?

The reason it works so fantastically well is that you can’t be freaked out if you’re curious – the brain can do one or the other but not both at the same time.

So instead of being afraid of getting on video, learn how the camera works.

Instead of wanting to run and hide in the bushes at the thought of selling your things, study how to sell invisibly.

Instead of feeling like maybe someone will find out you don’t actually know your stuff – and run a billboard ad announcing you’re a big ole imposter – research your topic so well you can school anyone that so much as looks at you funny. How ‘bout you give THEM a reason to panic. Eh?

Because ultimately, fear (and the anxiety it brings) come from not knowing what to do or not knowing how things will turn out.

But if you made it your mission to learn and understand?

Well, you’d not only want to do all sorts of things. You’d do them.

Whatever you’re planning and wherever your 2020 escapades take you, I hope you’ll be curious.

Remember, it’s hard to be afraid when you know what you’re doing.

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