Comment Pods for Engagement: The Pros & Cons

Comment Pods for Engagement: The Pros & Cons

Creating content is work. Not like taking a jack hammer to a chunk of concrete and fashioning it into a statue of…Brad Pitt, but close enough.

It’s why comment pods are (still) popular. They promise to share in some of the heavy lifting. Not in creating content people wanna play with but in getting your posts to look, not so deserted.

Pods are a lot like packs.

They promise unity, camaraderie, always assuring you they have your back. That is, until someone in the pack goes rogue.

In a wolf pack, it looks like one lone wolf straying from the pack to chase bunnies and stuff – totally an omega move.

In comment pods, it looks like asking for engagement, getting it, and then asking again without ever returning the “favor.” It happens a lot.

So, should you or shouldn’t you? That’s what this post is all about; the good, the bad and the holy fangs, of group comment chains.

PS. I’ve been watching Teen Wolf (don’t judge me), in case you’re wondering where the wolfy references are coming from. 🐺

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