Coaches, lawyers, experts…why do we bother to hire them?

Coaches, lawyers, experts...why do we bother to hire them?

Sometimes it’s because they know something we don’t – and we want to know what they know.

Simple. And smart.

Other times? We hire them for validation. We turn to the shot callers, the big cheeses and the person in our life that seems to know all the things, for assurance that what we already believe, is in fact true and right.

But here’s the thing…

They can only get you so far. They can only show and tell within the rooms of their wheelhouse.

Because what they don’t know?What they’re not at all well versed in…is you.

And ultimately, in those moments when the world is caving in and you know you’re going to need a mega dose of CBD oil and you’re flipping through your contacts list for someone to bail you out, what you’re really doing is running from yourself.

Because somehow, someone got it into your head that you can’t be trusted.

And it affects everything. From how you position your brand, launch your products to using your voice. Especially voice.

Please know this…

There is no authority figure that knows you like you. Your tastes, point of view, brand, your style are things no one cultivates for you.

These are things you dig out of yourself – sometimes with dirt under your fingernails.

Like a bad habit, we’re quick to ignore our instincts in favor of someone else’s.

It’s worth remembering that after the revolving door of experts and trustees and wise council, you’re the one that got you this far. The work? The grind? The perseverance to put one foot in front of another? That’s all you baby.

And that’s not only something, it’s something worth trusting.

PS. Since you’ve come this far, just think how much further you can go. Ooo, I just got tingles.

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