Guess What: Being too much woman is not nearly too much

Guess What: Being too much woman is not nearly too much

Too loud. Too quiet. Too passive. Too opinionated. Asks too much. Loves too deeply. Wants too much.

Nobody wants to be labeled too much. It has a negative connotation. A stigma embossed on your rear like an old pair of Juicy sweatpants that says you take up more space than you should with your ideas, your confidence, your presence.

The truth is, you’re dangerous.

You’re a danger to the status quo because you make people think, feel and want more.

You’re a danger because there are far too few templates that look and sound and feel the way you do.

You’re a danger because you’re the mirror people are too afraid to look into.

They’re right. You are too much. Too much to handle, too hard to hold.

Embrace her anyway.

Fan her flames.

Make her feel like the mother-of-all Queens.

In return…

She will liberate you.

She will cut to the heart, provoke you with passion and heal what’s broken.

Your too-much-woman-ness isn’t too much.

She’s just getting started.

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