Herd behavior. It’s everywhere. The empowerment club. The keto club. The foot lickers club

Herd behavior. It’s everywhere. The empowerment club. The keto club. The foot lickers club

The trouble with all these clubs is that you lose yourself. Not on purpose. It just sort of happens.

You start sounding alike, acting alike and even your once-endearing quirks morph into the clubs (not to be confused with da club – that’s something else altogether).

The club sounds like a warm, cozy place to be – kinda like the inside of bread. Except that in that space of belonging and melted butter, you lose yourself. You lose your voice.

As a solo coach or consultant or educator, you can’t afford to compromise your voice because it’s what makes your brand lickable.

It’s how people get to know you, connect with you, believe in you – the real you. Not the f-bomb dropping, namaste loving, bullet proof coffee drinking club version of you.

What people really want is more of your personality (your voice on paper). More about how peaches creep you out. More about how you believe finding random feathers on your morning walk is a sign from God.  More about how you’re convinced the pants in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants were spun by a special order of Hogwarts

This? This is how you get people to say, “OMG, I wish I knew you felt the same way!” or “Are you kidding? Me too! I’m so glad I found you.”

See, that’s what people want. They want to feel they know you so they can trust you and form a bond with you.

Here’s how you do that:

•Start talking about your likes and dislikes.

•Start sharing your stories, even the embarrassing ones (we all relate to those).

•Start talking like you would with a good friend. Unfiltered.

And then? Start putting that personality into your copy.

Clubs aren’t inherently bad. But losing yourself in one? Well that’s an electric blanket of crazy set to medium-high.

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