It’s not about Power, it’s about Precision…and maybe cotton panties

It’s not about Power, it’s about Precision…and maybe cotton panties

Have you ever noticed that one of the first questions you’re asked on an interview is why?

Why are you in business?

Why did you choose this business?

Why do you push yourself every day?

The answers are as personal as the brand of panties you like to wear (my preference, cotton and I’ll leave it at that).

Kidding aside, knowing and sharing your personal why is the difference between:

•Being perceived as pitiful over powerful, uninteresting over mysterious because no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the need to fascinate (online) and your why makes you crazy, sexy, cool.

•The “why” question is a value question and knowing your value is how you create value so that you are hard to ignore and easy to buy from.

In January 2000, a note from a customer – who ordered two pairs of shoes that were unavailable – changed the direction of an online retailer.

Not because the shoes weren’t available but because the customer service department took extra care and attention, even sending the customer a t-shirt and gift certificate for the inconvenience.

Her note of thanks for the exceptional service had the company CEO thinking “what if we focused not solely on what we sold, but how we sold it?”

The rest is history and today, Zappos isn’t know for selling shoes – they’re known for what they value most, customer service.

Value isn’t only about churning out more how-to articles.

,,,it’s a precise foundation for connection, retention and relationship which (when demonstrated with action) lead to repeat sales…and love notes.

So, what do you value?

Better yet, what’s your philosophy and do your people know what you stand for?

My friend, you sell more than a service or product. You sell the possibility of a new reality inspired by what you value.

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