No, you’re not too emotional. Or too opinionated. Or too out there

No, you’re not too emotional. Or too opinionated. Or too out there

There’s a piece of advice every woman has heard at least once in her life. Trust your instincts. I always thought that was putting an awful lot of pressure on us considering we’ve had a lifetime of practice setting our instincts on the back burner (next to the pot of gluten free oatmeal).

Like when your instincts tell you to let those tears flow but you swallow them back so that you don’t look like you’re emotional (the horror).

Or when you want to scream HELL NO! but instead apologize for your opinion by prefacing it with, “I’m sorry.”

Or when you tuck away that weirdly wonderful idea – the one that came to you in the shower while singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance into your long handle loofah sponge – because you fear it’s too radical.

Our instincts are tamed. They pop up like in a game of whack-a-mole and just as quickly, get knocked back down into a dark, quiet, safe place.

It didn’t happen overnight – this wrestling with our inner pops and urges. It happened over time. Slowly, complete with faux adages that say speaking boldly and with authority is conduct unbecoming a worthy woman.

It’s no wonder women are masters of doubt. We doubt our ideas are any good. We doubt our thoughts are worth sharing. We doubt our feelings are steering us in the right direction.

What I’m about to share with you next goes against everything you’ve been taught. Every embroidered she-power pillow. Every feminista insta-quote. Every girlfriends-guide to womanhood.

Don’t trust your instincts. Trust your untamed voice.

Your untamed voice is fierce. She doesn’t second guess. She doesn’t wait for permission or approval. She’s the voice that tells you to run, to put up your dukes and fight, to hide when you’re in clear and present danger.

Listen to her. Always.

When you’re working on that proposal. When you’re inspired by a hair brained idea. When you’re ready to start over.

Your instincts have learned to doubt – to think everyone else is smarter, more creative and more right than you. But that’s not true.

You’re not too much. Not in any way. You’re more than enough.

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