Nobody puts baby in the corner (I’m talking to you baby)

Nobody puts baby in the corner (I’m talking to you baby)

I’m not one to gossip. It’s one of the reasons I don’t watch reality tv – too much bitchy, catty drama. Buuut, I did want to share a piece of Hollywood gossip (it’s totally relevant to you, promise) about two celebs that made a hot, hot, hot love story that had us all wanting to escape to the Catskills for a summer fling with a devilish dance instructor who lives in tight black pants.

Rumor has it that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey didn’t get along. It’s not a stretch to say they flat out couldn’t stand one another. Actors. I admire how they can “act” in love when they want to secretly – or not so secretly in this case – push one another into the deep end of a pool. Me? I don’t like you. You’re dead to me.

Back to our dirty dancers…

Jennifer’s character, Francis “Baby”, drops her clam diggers and Keds for more grown up attire thanks in part to the Casanova of dance instructors from the wrong side of the tracks, Johnny (played by Swayze).

You know this story, right?

The family sees her as nothing more than a child and insist she behave, follow the rules and remain their little girl for all of eternity. That is, until Johnny shows up, sees her – I mean really sees her, in a way no one else does – trains her (ahem) and with Time of My Life playing in the background, saves her from sitting at the kiddie table and delivers the memorable line we all know and love, “nobody puts baby in the corner.”

What’s my point? It’s this…

You don’t need a man, a dance instructor or the a seal of approval from a community of small minded, prissy pants who don’t recognize an unfolding of power (when it’s right under their noses) and have the audacity to set said power in the damned corner alongside crusty old fishing rods and cracked boat paddles.

They don’t get it.

They don’t get that you can’t put a chastity belt on a spirited woman.

They don’t get that you can’t break her.

They don’t get that with or without them, you will say what you want, think what you want and do things that make you feel alive.

Write that book.

Launch that business.

Make that bespoke jewelry line.

Whatever it is you’ve dreamed of doing (for work or pleasure) do it.

You aren’t a character in a circa 1963 era Hollywood movie. You’re a magnificent woman becoming.

Becoming bigger.

Becoming badder.

Becoming bolder.

You’re nobodies baby.

You’re all your own.

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