The Secret to Curing Writers Block So You Can Write Anything Faster

The Secret to Curing Writers Block So You Can Write Anything Faster

A reader say’s:

“Writing my “About Me” page on my website has been a thorn in my side for way too long. I feel so stressed about it because I know how important it is to get it right, I have writer’s block.”

Performance anxiety is the worst…it feels like a meltdown.

And nothing brings on sweat beads and puts your Botox to the test like staring at a blank page that’s waiting to be dressed up with words.

…except maybe a weigh in after a weekend of buckets of KFC, beer and blintzes.

You want to get it right – we all do – because it is an important page.

Truth be told, on the internet, any page you’re communicating on is important because it’s a potential point of entry.

You never know where your next buyer will land first.

The pressure to fascinate is as tight as a pair of Spanx that are two sizes too small.

But there’s a solution to that waist squeezing, brow scrunching, sweat pouring scenario…

I discovered it several years ago while strolling through Barnes & Noble.

The book title sucked me in, mostly because I didn’t get it at first.

It was a glorious read filled with all kinds of exercises and tips to make writing faster and a whole lot easier.

The best part, it’s short which means its one of those books you read again and again.

One exercise, and your tip for today, was a life saver.

I can tell you, hand over heart, that since this little ninja turtle discovery I make blank pages kneel at my feet.


===> Fire up your computer.
===>Open up a blank page and give it a title like About Page, Home Page, etc.
===>Don’t worry (yet) about headlines, sub-heads or openers.
===>Start typing anything and everything that’s in your head.


That conversation you wish you had tongue fu’d your way through but didn’t, write it down.
The list of chores you meant to get done but didn’t, write that down too.
Your disappointment, anger, fear, frustration.

Whatever you’ve got wrestling around in your brain, write it down.

The reason that blank page is as intimidating as wearing a Gunny Sack circa 1981 in a room full of Versace is because you’re backed up…

Too many thoughts, tooting around like they own the place, blocking you from dressing up that page with words that seduce and persuade.

So the tip is to empty your mind of all that schtuff so those beautiful words come trickling electric.

And if you’re not backed up and still can’t find your words, write that down too:

“I can’t find my words, I can’t find my words, this is a ridiculous exercise, why can’t I find my words, I just want to write my stupid About page and tell people why I’m so much more trustworthy than 80% of the yahoos selling them garbage and feeding off their fear and why I’m so passionate about helping them realize their potential…”

Oh hello, that sounds like a breakthrough.

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