There’s no such thing as making everyone happy

There’s no such thing as making everyone happy

Don’t rock the boat. Stay under the radar. You can’t leave anyone out (you beautiful glutton). These are the alarm bells our mind rings in order to keep us safe. To keep us from daring to make even one person unhappy.

What we have here is a crack in logic.

The mental protective mechanism that insists we people please is 100% flawed. Allow me to demonstrate with a little game I like to call if this, then that (my intro to logic professor should be so thrilled right now – hey, Mr. C.)…

Here we go…

If you rock the boat, then people will be upset because they don’t want you to shake them up, delight their senses and give them a reason to swing their arms from side-to-side, atop a mountain singing the hills are alive…

If you stay under the radar, then people will turn their smiles upside down because they don’t want to watch, listen or read new and exciting things that stimulate their brains and make their spidey senses tingle with delight.

If you leave anyone out you’re a selfish cow because people don’t want offers, invitations and products that speak to the challenges they’re facing now or desires they can’t quite seem to quench. They want more same-same, more content that tastes like cardboard and sadness.

Crazy right? Right.

And yet, the alarm bells ring…

When you want to jump out of the boat and walk on water..

When you want to freeze the radar in midair, with your bare hands and watch it crumble to the ground like it’s your destiny to recode your own warped Matrix.

When your next thing is a specific thing for a specific person.

Shake it off.

The fear.

The doubt.

The anxiety.

Express yourself.

Give your wild ideas wings.

They’ll feel special for that someone special.

Will someone be offended? Yes.

And that’s not a bad thing because if you’re not offending, then you’re not really creating. You’re kowtowing.

And you my friend, are nobodies cow (or magician).

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