What to do BEFORE you launch a new idea (Part 1/3)

What to do BEFORE you launch a new idea (Part 1/3)

In the back row of Sister Margaret’s social studies class, I set up a Bazooka bubble gum card trading business.

I noticed a need and thought, maybe kids would be interested?

Before I cracked open my piggy bank to buy all the packs of Bazooka gum, I conducted a test.

The first thing I did was notice who I might approach with my sugar-dust collectible cards.

I knew everyone wouldn’t be interested. Not the Barbie girls. Not the LEGO boys. And definitely not the kids that still carried a binky in their pocket (you fooled no one Billy!).

After crossing all the NOT’S from my list I was left with one group. A halfway decent sized group for my card selling purposes.

But I wasn’t done…

At the time, Nancy Drew was my fictitious she-ro. Her sleuthing skills inspired me to dig a little deeper.

I noticed how my “target group” played. What they liked. What they didn’t like. How they interacted with one another, with teachers, even noticed their play behavior when they were sitting alone (I wasn’t creepy, I was watch-listening).

By the time my sleuthing was over, I knew three key things about my target audience. It’s the first thing YOU must know before you launch or relaunch a new brand, course, coaching service, group program, book, YT channel, food truck, anything!

  1. What do they aspire to do, be or have? My lil guys wanted to be playground leaders. Wouldn’t have guessed it in a million confessional crackers but that’s ultimately what they wanted. To be king of the sand box.
  • What are they conflicted by? My potentials wanted the crown without hurting anyone in the process. See, pain points aren’t linear. There’s always an inner conflict that tags along with an outer need or want.
  • What will it take for them to have what they desire and let go of what they don’t? I wasn’t sophisticated then so I didn’t get this one 💯 right. But I learned…
  • Mastery Tip: In order to gain a big picture view of *their* experience, draw two horizontal lines on a sheet of paper. The first line represents the steps they need to take in order to achieve, the second line represents all the steps in order to overcome their challenges.

Wanna know what I did next? It was super important for getting my wanna be playground kings to give me (a quiet, four-eyed, bookish nerd) the time of day.

In part 2, I’ll fill you in on the process for creating a message that’ll make your pockets jingle.

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