What They Say About Selling is Probably Why You Hate Selling.

What They Say About Selling is Probably Why You Hate Selling.

They say that selling yourself, your products or your services requires you to own your magic, your brill.

I disagree. Kinda.

I mean, it’s a nice sentiment and all but it creates another layer of pressure.

Hear me out…

If you already have sweaty palms about selling, focusing on your brilliance only makes matters worse because now you’re hyper focused on yourself while also figuring out how to sell your creations with ease and without feeling pushy, and without stumbling over your words, and without sounding like cousin Vinny and, and, and….

This kind of well intended platitude makes selling all about you which causes you to scrutinize, over analyze and over think your every move. Ever been there?

Ultimately, selling isn’t about you or me.

•It’s about belief.
•It’s about connection.
•It’s about aligning.

And it looks like this…

1. Believing what you’ve created with your two bare hands is worthy of sharing.

2. Connecting with another human being – not a prospect or a potential conversion but a living breathing human with skin and soul – so that you understand what they struggle with and the significance not resolving it creates in their lives.

3. Aligning your excitement for what you’re selling with another human being who has a problem your product or service will solve.

That’s it.

Anything else is making a simple process difficult, and that’s why, I believe, so many people find selling hard.

PS. Don’t misunderstand, your you-ness can’t be MIA. Feature your you-ness in all your written content (I’ve got 3-steps that’ll help you do that. Check out the link below.). But *focus* your energy on your people. Capeesh?


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