The Lost Art of Throwing Down

The Lost Art of Throwing Down

Nobody wants to fail, no matter how many insta-quotes tell us failure is the yellow brick road to success.

So today, I’m suggesting that you don’t concern yourself so much with failing and instead, be willing to throw down.

Be willing to take your ideas, no matter how imperfect you might believe them to be, and have a straight up dark alley tussle.

Bring an asp or brass knuckles or nunchucks if you must but rough-and-tumble with your ideas.
(I’m more of a knuckles kinda gal. What can I say? I’m a purist).

Today’s marketplace doesn’t require high level buy-in or years of leg work to get started. Not like in the past. You know? When tweets were something birds did and cells were for inmates.

You can start something new from your kitchen table today!

And while you don’t need to be corporate fancy, you do need to throw your ideas down and see what sticks. See what people gobble down like a king eating a turkey leg.

Today begs you to make art, change lives, rub the paddles together and bring people back to life.

Yesterday said this notion is irresponsible.

Yesterday said to test and refine *before* you deliver.

Yesterday can suck on a steel toed boot.

It’ll feel scary and risky and flat out crazy but be the brand that openly and publicly brings fresh, new ideas to life (scared or crazy or not).

Be the brand that’s willing to scrap an idea that isn’t landing and go back to the drawing board – the very same day.

Be the brand that dares to grow by throwing down because that’s the mark of a liberated brand. And we likey.


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