For When You Need More Eyeballs On Your Stuff & Don’t Know Where to Start For Crap Sake

For When You Need More Eyeballs On Your Stuff & Don’t Know Where to Start For Crap Sake

In an effort to get eyeballs looking at our stuff, we sometimes start at the wrong place…

Imagine you’re at a romance book conference and you’ve just written your debut novel, Spring Heat.

Your table resembles a busy beehive with rabid romantics oohing and ahhing over the sweat drenched hunk donning the cover.

Selling your product is a breeze because the conference is wall-to-wall qualified buyers who came to learn about the business of writing romance (and also happen to enjoy reading the genre).

The books available for sale (the product) isn’t what got them to the conference. What the conference promised (the message)? That’s what got them in the door.

What if you did the same by creating a conference-like atmosphere? You wouldn’t have to scream or shout or resort to whacky BUY MY THING gimmicks.

Got your wheels rotating?

Three things you need to know before you start brainstorming (and I hope you do):

Thing to know #1: People won’t see your message and immediately think, I wanna buy something. The message is what draws the right people in.

Thing to know #2: And like our romancers, the may have had no intention of buying anything, initially.

But once at the conference, they buy the popcorn, the t-shirts and the books because it’s the environment (not necessarily the product) that put them in a buying mood.

Thing to know #3: Your job is to create an environment that puts people in the mood to buy. Waving your product in the air at passers-by? It’s like kryptonite to the eyeballs.

Where will you start first? Message or environment? Let me know in the comments.


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