Marketing Advice from a Grade A-list Agency in the Biz

Marketing Advice from a Grade A-list Agency in the Biz

One of my favorite lines from Chris Graves, chief behavioral science dude at Ogilvy, about how humans decide is:

“everything we thought we knew about how humans make decisions is totally wrong. everything we thought we knew about changing someones mood is totally wrong too.”

See, lots of marketers either guess how their audience will react or they use magic fairy dust (heavy on the dust, light on the magic) to direct how their audience will respond.

That’s why those mega lists of “power words” or “emotions” are so popular. People still think you can pepper in a few magical words to change behavior.

As though we’re all motivated by the same things. The same triggers. The same words. The same messages.

If you think about it, this way of marketing – with or without the bells and whistles – is mostly a crap shoot.

And since something like 90% of marketing involve words, it makes writing copy like shaking a magic 8 ball and getting the Outlook Not So Good message.

There’s a better more personalized (and modern) way to influence your audience’ behavior.

It’s what I was telling you about last week.

It’s how you know what kind of words and phrases and themes are a right match for your ideal buyers.

Chris Graves and the folks at Ogilvy are already using a similar method.

It involves identifying your buyers core value.

Let’s say you know your buyers core value is perseverance. Behaviorally speaking, people that don’t give up, that stick to their guns are also driven, competitive (even slightly) and are natural climbers.

Imagine knowing that the best positioning strategy for your product or service (to a persistent) involve themes that speak to prestige? Or knowing that equivalence themes work wonders with a doubting traditionalist. Or that the swiftest way into the heart of an adventurist is through curiosity.

The License to Thrill course I’ll be releasing in January contains what I believe is the single greatest, most powerful and stupid profitable messaging course ever invented.

And yet, I doubt you’ll see anyone else approaching marketing messages in this way simply because, while it’s being used at some of the fanciest most groundbreaking agencies, its not something marketers even think to do or apply let alone teach – even if the top dogs in branding and marketing already do it on the regular.

It’s also definitely not a method you can easily model, even if you do see it.

Especially since those that model don’t have the capacity to deconstruct and then apply it.

But people that aren’t afraid to think, and try something new?

And who can follow simple instructions?

Well, my magic 8 ball says It is Certain for them.

The course releases on January 27th.

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