Marketing Messages: Keep it Simple Sally


Ever had an idea hangover?

Thats when you feel like wilted kale brainstorming different ways to talk about what you do – so that its super clear & easy to understand – but people still look at you like you’re talking in tongues.

I was thinking about this phenomena the other day as I was cleaning out the kitchen cupboards & thought, damn we have a lot of tea.

My husband is a tea guru. He has this beautiful tea pouring ritual he learned from a Grand Master. Apparently, they sat in robes, on the floor pouring tea in silence. I don’t get it.

Which leads me to my point (yes, there is one).

When I asked him about the whole tea pouring ritual I had loads of questions, as one does. I didn’t understand the point of it all. Why not just pour your tea into a ceramic Starbucks tumbler like the rest of the free world?

So he explained, again. And again. And still, I was like “oh, that’s nice.” I couldn’t get excited about stuffing loose leaf tea into a tiny pot – that resembled filling a tobacco pipe – then pouring scalding hot water over the teapot before pouring the tea into bowls barely wide enough to dip a big toe into.

Understandably, he was frustrated. You could say, he consumed a ton of mental calories trying to get me to understand. Basically, he had an idea hangover.

He knew the answer to every question I had but still, couldn’t talk about it so that it was as clear to me as it was to him.

We have that problem too.

It directly affects the level of success we have selling our stuff. Why?

1. because words don’t always come easy.

2. because we don’t want to face being judged for not knowing what the hamburger helper we’re talking about.

3. because we give ourselves idea hangover, tossing in every morsel of thought to explain our ideas.

All of which make our messages too complicated or abstract, like Sensual Financing (is that balancing your checkbook in a nighty or rubbing massage oil on your credit cards?!).

What people really want is simple…an outcome. The end game. A match made in heaven.

How do we do that? Tell ‘em what you know they want. Tell ‘em what you’re selling. End the idea hangover.

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