Marketing: It’s About Holy Hell Moments

Marketing: It’s About Holy Hell Moments

“Holy hell in a hot pocket, I wanna be her!”

Something like 95% of us think this when we see someone living our best life.

The one we imagine…

The one we journal about…

The one we make our New Years resolutions about (because whether it’s a plan or a word or a workout of the year, it’s all about transformation).

You and me? We’re in the transformation business.

We transform peoples bodies, their homes, their stories, their futures. We bring up the past so people can ground in the present.

Any way you shake a frozen stick at it, it’s about change. Always.

So how home when we go to sell our creations we get tongue tied and talk about…

  • Empowerment
  • Success
  • Reclaiming
  • Intertwining the cosmic yada yada 🤷🏻‍♀️

When what people really want is something that makes them think, “holy hell in a hot pocket, I wanna be her!”

The way to a holy hell moment is through words that paint pictures so people can envision an outcome.

Let’s take empowerment (a staple word – like salt – for coaches). It’s hard to picture what that even looks like without adding things like, “…wearing your favorite red bottomed heels, leather skinny pants and Celine bag, giving passers by a wink and a nod, feeling like you own the sidewalk, before you confidently walk into Vogue, stare the perfectly chiseled brow receptionist in the eye and cooly ask, who I do see about a job?”

You’ve seen this woman walking down a city street amiright? Hips swaying, confidence steaming from each step and you probably didn’t think “gosh, I really could use more empowerment.”

You probably had a holy hell moment and wanted whatever she was putting in her latte.

That’s how you sell empowerment. Or maybe, for your business, empowerment (or success or love or enlightenment) looks like something else altogether?

The point is to paint a picture that’s so seductive a holy hell comes tumbling out of brains, onto lips and into the atmosphere.

Because that’s what we want. And that’s what we’ll pay for.

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