When You Wanna be Persuasive, Do This

When You Wanna be Persuasive, Do This

Whomp, whomp, whomppp.

That’s the sound my overly active, American Idol-esque, judge-y brain makes when I see someone try to be persuasive and fail.

I’ve been in and out of a jury selection process this week for a month long trial.

Yesterday, the judge made his cuts from the juror pool. When he asked “does anyone have a hardship?” nearly half the room raised their hands. One-by-one they explained their case.

For the past couple of days, I legit watched the courtroom equivalent of what felt like a parade of William Hungs singing She Bangs.

Consider these my Simon-style critique notes for when you wanna persuade people to your way of thinking:

•Be prepared (FFS!)

•Know what’s in it for them

•Open with a story

•Weave in their interest

•Have your facts straight…

•But don’t go all Poindexter

•Don’t lie (ever)

•Give them a reason to care

•Hint: see bullets 1 & 2

They might not all work in your favor when you’re in front of a judge (they’ll definitely work in your business though, especially in your promo pieces), but they’re a helluvalot better than…

“I won’t be home to walk my dog”

How often is your dog walked?

“Hardly ever. He has a doggie door”

womp, womp, whomppp

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