Maybe You Already Found Your Thing?

Maybe You Already Found Your Thing?

“I never wanted to be a teacher”

Not when I taught my kid brother how to tie his shoes – I didn’t know about the bunny ears method…that would’ve helped.

Not when I taught my other kid brother how to hold a fork, “it’s not a weapon (unless you need it to be), ok?”

Not when I disemboweled a $50k sales training program and shaped it into something 100x better.

Not when I launched my first business and created training courses for adult learning centers and later, community colleges.

Not when one of my courses won an Indy award.

Not even when clients started calling me “the prophet.”

I never wanted to be a teacher or even thought of myself as especially organized. I thought those were people called professor…or Marie Kondo.

The point is that sometimes the thing you never wanted to be. The thing you never considered yourself as…is the very thing you already are.

Tell me, what did you never want to be but are doing – and doing it hella well – daily?

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