What People (Your People) Want is…Variety

What People (Your People) Want is…Variety

Everyone says to give people value with your content.

But what the hell is value anyway?

Better yet, with the conveyor belt of content produced daily, what makes one piece of content more valuable than another?

Me? I look for content that makes me laugh or cry, that teaches me something new and makes my brain feel smartly bigger, that makes me feel like Rachel when she went from serving coffee to being a buyer for Bloomingdales.

Stuff like that.

I’m what you might call a content connoisseur, engaging with pictures and words that hit me in all the right places: the how-to, the you-got-this-girl, the comedy club, the zig ziglar.

And I’m not the only one.

Lots of people – probably your people – like variety too. A variety of content that evokes a variety of emotions and that impact our lives. That’s value. Take look at the images below for a breakdown of content (variety) pieces that are certain to give your people content they wanna devour.

What variety of content do you make most often? Better yet, what variety do you wanna make more of?

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