People Buy (On Repeat) Because of the People, Not the Things

People Buy (On Repeat) Because of the People, Not the Things

Recently, I got a DM asking if “I had a package of templates for post captions.”

Shoulda made me happy right? I mean, having people ask if they could give you money is never a bad thing.

Except that it didn’t make me happy.

It made me want to stand on a soapbox, unsnap my bra and toss it in the air along with my shaking fist. Yeah, I’m a little over the top sometimes…okay, most of the time.

If you guessed that fill-in-the-blank caption templates twist my Spanx in a knot, you guessed right.

But what irks me most about them is that they exclude your voice entirely. Sure, you can have an insta-caption ready to go and cross it off a task list, but it’s got no za za zoo. It’s got no you.

And ultimately, people buy you. Whether you’re a personal brand selling your knowledge or you own a product brand, people connect with and come back again and again for the people, not the things.

Maybe compromising individuality for productivity isn’t worth it? Not when our aim is to stand out, be unique and feel heard.

Where do you sit on the fill-in-the-blanks trend? For or against?

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