How to Write a Caption People Actually Want to Engage With (Part 4/5)

How to Write a Caption People Actually Want to Engage With (Part 4/5)

“So this is what it feels like to sit in a clown car.” Arms and legs weirdly poking out in all the wrong places. The book said nothing about this?!!

My mind was racing. The more my thoughts strayed to the how-to steps I practically seared into my memory, the worse it all felt.

It was clear…my first time was on par with a Ringling Bros. circus act!

Until I did one thing…

I let go.

And when I let go of my agenda, I started paying attention. I started listening.

And when I started listening, I placed my attention on him, not me. It all felt so natural.

Best part? We went from flopping around under an imaginary big tent – like clowns tripping over clown shoes – to a sweet and tender place that felt like connection.

When I stopped focusing on getting things right (placing all the focus on myself) and started focusing on him, it wasn’t quite so awkward anymore.

My first time is partly responsible for my success in business – totally true! – because I learned a valuable lesson…

When you place your focus on your audience, they relax, they enjoy and they learn to love you. Maybe not first time kind of love, but wanna read and follow and engage kind of love.

And that’s really what this story is about..<end>

As you’re piecing a caption together, you’ve gotta include a resolution. How you resolved your conflict (from step 3) AND how your resolution translates into an outcome for your reader.

That’s the lesson in today’s post – what resolution looks like:

•The conflict, from yesterday, was in not knowing what to do or how to be on my big night (a conflict of self).

•The resolution was letting go which translates into a message for my ideal audience to let go of focusing on their agenda, so they can create more intimate relationships with their peeps.

I’m winding this story down tomorrow with the last and final piece you don’t want to leave out of your captions. Will you join me?

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