How to Write a Caption People Actually Want to Engage With (Part 5/5)

How to Write a Caption People Actually Want to Engage With (Part 5/5)

Give the people what they want…

The rebel in me says, “I’ll give ya what I wanna give ya when I wanna give it!”

But that’s not real life.

That’s me in a dystopian young adult adventure where I fall in love with the strong, silent loner who talks me into leading a band of divergents to save mankind and stuff.

The point of this weeks must-read captions series was to write from the heart, present yourself as honestly as possible and drop any agenda you might have about world domination when you show up in social media.

Because what the people (your people) want is real simple…

•They want to connect with someone real.

•They want to be understood through your stories (because if you’ve been there too, they don’t feel so alone).

•They want to *feel* some kind of way!

Can you make that possible with a kick ass image? Sure. But the heart bursts open, the smile cracks wide & the brain goes “Oh!” in the mother-loving captions.

Have you read the 5-day series? If not, I hope you’ll scroll back to Monday. Tattoo every single post to your memory. Share the series with your bestie or someone you wanna help. And download the entire thing (fill in the boxes below and I’ll send it to your in-box for note taking and stuff).

And then do this…

Write your next caption or re-write your last following the framework. Post it. Then hit me up on Instagram so I can read it & shower you with love in your feed.<end>

You can ask people to give you a thumbs up (or eggplant emoji) in the comments, ask them to DM you or even share/save your post.

But you know what makes an even better call-to-action? Ask them to do something that makes them better. And when you do? Be sure you’re right there to cheer them on.

That’s step 5. CTA’s. Don’t write your captions without one because you’re the leader. So lead! Scroll through the images below for more details on writing CTA’s people engage with.

Thanks for tuning in this week. You know mama love you long time.

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