For When You Have a Raging Case of Imposter Syndrome – Remember the Tiger King

Oh Joe! Please tell me you’ve started watching the Tiger King on Netflix?

It’s everything I didn’t expect. The blond mullet. The carousel of missions. The bravado of this gun toting, big cat freaking guy!

The entire time I kept thinking, he’s gonna crack. I mean he’s gonna have an existential moment and ask himself, “who in the can of beans am I to say and do these ridiculously bold (and sometimes stupid…ok, that’s be being judge-y) things?”

Guess what? He didn’t! He never once appeared to have an imposter moment underneath all that leather fringe and turquoise.🤔

So friends, please hear this…

If a double holster carrying guy wearing a mullet and questionable ethics can command our collective attention, so can you! I mean, DAMN!

Imposter syndrome is legit and it’s sneaky. I’ve known of few people that haven’t had a “they’re going to find out I’m a big phony baloney, maybe I should pull back a little?!” freak out, at least once in their lives.

Here’s the thing, other people see you with more objectivity than you see yourself. So the next time someone believes in you, believe them.

Because I’m betting you’ve got more WOW in your accent nail than you realize. Believe me.

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