Maybe You’re Not an Action-Adventure Prodigy with the Ability to Bend Air & Stuff. But You can Bend Value…Yours.

The problem with a lot of how-to packages out there is that they’re 99% tactics. And we like tactics – they’re kinda se*y – because they make us feel like we’re making progress.

But the thing that’s missing in most of those how-to courses and programs is the strategy, the process, that those tactics support.

And today, when companies are scrambling and their employees are biting their fingernails to the quick, binging on Cheetos & episodes of Ozark, and online businesses feel like money grubbing vultures promoting their products and services, strategy will make or break what happens next…

I’m even gonna go so far as saying that part of the reason so many businesses don’t know what to do right now (especially tiny online businesses) is because they’ve operated on a mostly tactical plan. And many of those tactics feel…wrong.

So what does strategy even look like when you’re not a big corporate hotshot and your office is basically the kitchen island and dressing for work includes an old Van Halen t-shirt and yoga pants?

It looks like the courage to be a beginner again. It looks like bending what you’re known for doing into a new shape. It looks like thinking different and thinking people.

Because strategy is a process of lining up the right tasks, in the right order to preserve value for the people you serve.

The question is, what’s your strategy for delivering that value? See the images below for three ways to bend your value right now.

Tell me, is developing strategy your jam or do you love having a plan with all the steps instead?

PS. What does this have to do with content & copy? Everything! Because without strategy your words and posts are pulsing bits of random noise in a void of dance videos and cats playing with yarn.

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