Help! My Content is Stiffer than a Bad Back

Help! My Content is Stiffer than a Bad Back

I was the youngest member of a hot shot team selling bits and bops to the government (I’d give you the details but then I’d have to whip out my neuralyzer and wipe your memory clean).

We were in debrief and I was charged with writing a summary of our findings.

It was good. T’s crossed. I’s dotted. Every sentence was void of anything that could be construed as partial.

Out team leader read it, stood from his desk, walked my masterpiece (cough) over to me and said, “warm it up.”

I spent the better part of my adult career figuring out how to do just that.

Today’s post is one of (the many) small ways we can write content that doesn’t feel stiff and that sounds more…human.

Because “warm it up” isn’t just good advice for when your back is all kinds of stiff kinks from moving your BFF (again!). It’s good advice for social media writing too.

What tip will you try in your content? Let me know!

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