Copy Falling Flat? Write With Your Ears

Copy Falling Flat? Write With Your Ears

I almost joined the Navy.

Can you imagine? Corporal Liz (of course Corporal. Go big or stay home, that’s my motto. Or is it, time flies when you have wings? I forget).

It was before my mom persuaded me (oh who am I kidding, it was a full on threat) to go to college instead.

Something about the uniform and serving and possibly working in intelligence appealed to me.

Ever almost make a big life decision you’re SO glad you didn’t?

Because let’s be serious, it’s highly likely my experience would’ve looked more Private Benjamin than Jack Ryan. Lol!

Still, I do love me a good intel gig.

Like when a client tells me their copy is flatter than an envelope and they don’t know how to animate it so that people take action.

I’m sharing my most covert, if-I-were-a-spy-in-your-market move that’ll have your copy read like music to the ears. It’ll practically write itself. Check the details in the carousel.

BONUS TIP: it works for content creation too. Toot toot, beep beep!

What carousel tip appealed most to you? Tell me below!

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