Because Pretty Rarely Beats Pithy

Because Pretty Rarely Beats Pithy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried making something common, cool…and ended up with a big ole messy paste of argh!

It’s happened to all of us. Like the time I tried a tip from Gary V. He suggested we find a trending topic and piggyback our message (covertly of course) into the conversation.

It was Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t do sports. But tried to insert a little Liz into the conversation.

It wasn’t so much a sticky paste of frustration – it was more like falling in a social well, landing in a graveyard of forgotten posts and wishing I had watched reruns of Friends instead.

There’s lots of ways to ride the trend wave.

Some make groovy images that look unique, so as not to get lost in the feed.

But what makes one post truly stand out from the rest isn’t visual (there’s only so much an image can do in the social engagement game), it’s verbal.

It’s the words.

The headline, the story, the context. Side-by-side, pretty rarely beats pithy.

And that’s the job of your words. To make your point-of-view fresh and feel inventive…not like a paste-y substance that make leather (and people) go stiff.

Hi. My name is Liz Pabon. I use words as a weapon for reinvention, for persuasion, for getting my two feisty dogs to sit & stay. Also, I’m a big fan of Friends. Huge.

Please introduce yourself below! We wanna know youuuu.

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