3 Writing Styles Every Content Creator NEEDS

3 Writing Styles Every Content Creator NEEDS

My husband built me a jewelry rack.

One of those things where you hang necklaces, bracelets and earrings that could double as bracelets (because mama likes hoops with attitude).

Me being me, I immediately wanted to discuss aesthetics; let’s paint it gold and teal and is glitter an option (glitter goes with everything, dontcha think)?

Wisely, my husband said; “babe, I gotta choose the right wood, and pegs to hold your things and Ive gotta make sure I build it to hold the weight of a thousand bib collars…before I can even think of making it pretty”

That whole conversation got me thinking about writing.

How we wanna jump to the grammar and the rhythm and the sentence structure (making things pretty) before we’ve even decided how we’re going to communicate our message and get our point across with our content.

Any writing teacher worth their calloused finger pads will agree, first function (the basic writing styles that your message is built on) then the form (the editing of your words so that they sound…nice & colorful.)

That’s what’s in today’s carousel of images. The 3-styles of writing you’ve gotta know about if you want to communicate anything with words that engage, inspire and persuade (the function). Because words are what give content flair.

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