How to Add Personality to Your Content

How to Add Personality to Your Content

When is enough, enough?

That was the gist of our DM conversation. Let me back up a little so you’ve got some context…

She’s a content creator (let’s face it, we all are) that posts something new, daily.

In the feed on Instagram. In stories. On IGTV. Every day. New content.


Her follower growth, her engagement, it’s just not there. Not in a way that justifies all of her effort and work.

So she asked, “my content is helpful, it’s concise, consistent and easy to follow. Shouldn’t that be enough to keep my readers and followers entertained?”

<an open invitation to stand on a box of hypo-allergenic soap and spit knowledge? yes please.>

I answered, “there’s a difference between being loved and getting a like, memorable and I’ve-seen-this-before-ordinary.

In the age of information overload (and we’re in it, hard) aiming for helpfulness isn’t enough. Even value isn’t enough because what we value is a moving target.

And when we create content for the purpose of attracting clients, fans and partnerships, being helpful is barely a drop in the bucket.

So is producing more, better and faster. Even cheaper. Why? Because everyone doing what you do is already being helpful, producing more, faster and cheaper.

Those things aren’t selling points. Not anymore. They’re expectations. And doing what’s expected isn’t (actually) helpful. It’s ordinary.

The only weapon you have to fight against being ordinary, and being passed up and scrolled by is personality. It’ll cut through the noise, the bullshit parade and make you human (not just another social media content farmer).”

Too strong? Maybe. But it’s the truth. And if I don’t tell the truth then I’d be a lifeless sack of ordinary perpetuating more ordinary for the sake of being well, ordinary (aka, not rocking anyone’s boat…or world).

So then HOW do we do this whole personality and wit and charm thing (the opposite of ordinary)? Swipe through the carousel of images below for one technique you can start using today…like, in the next 2-seconds.

It’s 4,237 times better than using emojis or line breaks or playing it safe all the damned time.

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