On Questions: You Don’t Need To Be A Psychic

On Questions: You Don’t Need To Be A Psychic

Imagine having the skills of Tyler Henry…⁣

You know him right? He’s the guy that’s super connected to the spirit world, picking up on their messages – psychically – while he scribbles on a pad of paper. Sort of like a wireless network except without all the dropped calls.⁣

One time, he interviewed a big Hollywood talk show host – who was also a beloved father on a sitcom popular in the 90’s. Hollywood thought Tyler’s “gift” was a bunch of hooey but his wife believed. And so to appease her, he sat across from Tyler, cameras rolling and played nice. ⁣

As he scribbled, Tyler picked up a message from a relative warning Hollywood about his heart. Beware of cigars and three-cheese pizza (or something to that affect). Anyway, Hollywood didn’t believe him. I play tennis. I’m active. I eat well – you must have your psychic wires crossed. Months later Alan Thicke died of cardiovascular complications.⁣

It was extraordinary, surreal and sad. And it also got me thinking…⁣

If solopreneurs and creatives knew intimate details about their buyers, they’d have something significant to say in their copy (and get wayyy better conversions – aka, more sales).⁣

But most of us don’t.⁣

We don’t have psychic abilities. We don’t know what’s coming ‘round the corner for the people we want to attract and serve. What we do know is the equivalent of calling the Psychic Readers Network to hear, “you’re about to come into money” and then finding a quarter in your Old Navy pea coat.⁣

There’s a difference between superficial and significant knowledge. Tyler had significant knowledge that impacted a life. The folks at PRN? Not so much. I mean, I’ll take the quarter but finding it doesn’t make me wanna call for another reading.⁣

And so it is in business. Knowing that your ideal person is interested in yoga isn’t nearly as impactful as knowing why…because it’s the only form of movement that doesn’t make them feel like a giant self conscious blob on a mat.⁣

When you look at your buyer profile, can you spy the difference between significant and superficial knowledge? You don’t need psychic abilities but you do need to ask the right questions (why is a good place to start).⁣

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