When You’re treading water, do this

When You’re treading water, do this

Fun fact: Dodo birds couldn’t get it up. Come to think of it, that’s not a fun fact…it’s kinda sad.

They had feathers and a hooked beak (or so we think) and webbed feet. But their wings? They wouldn’t take flight. It’s alleged that’s why they’re now extinct. Easy to catch (and eat).

Don’t even ask me why I was thinking about Dodo birds (Hello, welcome to Liz’s brain where random thoughts come to roost. Also, cute top!). But somehow I started thinking about this whole entrepreneurial journey thing and how hard it is to take flight.

In the beginning, it feels a lot like you’re barely hovering above ground – you’re not on land but you’re not kissing clouds either.

And while your wings are furiously flapping, and you’re panting like a dog in heat (of summer – get your head out of the gutter, sheesh) a thought attacks your brain, “holy drumsticks, flying is hard?!”

The truth is, hovering is hard work. Flying? It’s all wind gliding and the occasional bug in your beak.

But we all can’t open up our wing span and suddenly soar. Some of us have to take flight a little bit at a time – kinda like a stair master.

And with each flutter er, step? I ask myself a series of questions because hovering for too long is almost always an issue of weight: the weight of your fears, your doubts, and OPP (Other People’s Problems).

Thats why you can’t take off without running through a pre-flight checklist: you’ve gotta ask yourself the right questions in order to take off.

These are a few of mine (In no particular order):

•Who are you becoming because of this decision/action? If it encourages more of (the real) you, it’s a go.

•How will this decision/action help you achieve your goals? And, will it make you better? 

•What boundaries will you set so that you’re moving towards your destination, not someone else’?

•What baggage are you carrying that’ll prevent you from taking flight? Yours or other peoples. HINT: Boundaries are your friends.

•Does this decision/action set off alarm bells? Listening is your compass.

Hovering is temporary. These questions? Ask them always.

The dodo bird didn’t fly because the island they inhabited, Mauritius, had no predators to fly away from. They had no motivation. But you?  You’ve got plenty.

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