Is it time for a rebrand?

Is it time for a rebrand?

Fifteen. That’s how many times I’ve looked at my branding and thought, let’s reboot.

If I do some simple math, that adds up to about one rebrand a year in the last 17 years. Okay, so maybe not one a year but close-ish.

And they all haven’t been full on makeovers. Sometimes, it’s been a nip here and a tuck there.

But in the past month, we started from scratch (I’ll show you real soon).

Before I do though, I wanted to share how you know when it’s time to rebrand.

  1. What is a rebrand:

Anything that changes your brand direction in positioning, strategy or aesthetic.

2. Types of rebranding:

A. The logo lift: Change font or color without changing elements (or anything else).

B. The pivot: Change in positioning, audience or offer.

C. The room by room: A full overhaul that includes message, market and makeup (the look).

3. When should you rebrand: 

Year 1: In your first year, you’ll be dipping your toes, finding your niche, your audience, getting your foundation to solidify. And it’ll change a few times (at least). Don’t invest in fancy aesthetics, not yet. Instead, focus on the words you use to communicate what you do, offer and for whom. In year 2, give your brand a room by room rebrand.

Year 2 – 5: A lot will have happened since you first hung your shingle. You’re more clear about your place on this online business rocket ship. If you haven’t done a room by room since you started, now’s a good time. Concentrate on your message, your process, what makes your offer/biz unique and nail down the intricacies of your ideal buyer. Remember: pretty rarely beats pithy so don’t be tempted to spend oodles in looking the part when acting the part matters most.

Year 5+: You’re riding dirty (maybe even rolling in some shiny ice). You’re bringing in steady money, your clients have become friends, you’ve got a business that supports your financial goals. Life is good. You’re also more clear than you were in year 1 – and you’re definitely too busy to worry about things like aesthetics. Build in time once a year (planning season is a good time) to review your: Message, Market, Offer, Process and Aesthetics. Hone in and level up where necessary.

The priority is always: strategy + communication THEN making things pretty. In that order. All good things evolve and change. Your brand is no exception. And by following this short (abbreviated) list, you’ll invest your time in all the right places.

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