Things you do after 732 days in quarantine

Things you do after 732 days in quarantine
  1. Reorganize bookshelves, by jacket color.
  2. Tell yourself, it’s okay to eat a cookie or two (or three), it’s a pandemic FFS!
  3. Stare at your naked reflection & wonder why it, strangely, resembles a distorted funhouse mirror (the only plausible explanation for looking like you’ve put on 15 pounds).
  4. Turn your living room into a makeshift gym (if a yoga mat & an old Gatorade bottle tucked under your couch count. They do, right?).
  5. Rebrand. Because, why not!

It’s not all mood boards and #Girlboss vibes though. A rebrand requires strategy, patience and a plan (a bowl of peanut m&m’s don’t hurt either).

A rebranding plan that includes the following steps (in no particular order):

Imagery: Start with a Pinterest or Mood board. Look for color palettes, fonts, elements and other imagery that make you go shwing! Be strategic. How do your final choices align with your brand personality, your audience and your core brand message?

Purpose: What images and/or elements will you use? Assign a purpose for everything: header, every section of the body, footer, your content, sales and opt-in pages, the works. Be intentional with your choices. It’ll help you stay consistent too.

Synergy: Before you start throwing copy together, make sure there is a tie-in between the images and the words. Do your images reflect your voice? Do they vibe with your headlines, your brand message, your copy from page-to-page? Because they should.

Photoshoot: If you wanna get fancy and hire a photographer: a. Make sure they wear a mask, b: Have hand sanitizer everywhere and c: Be prepared with your list of desired poses. Include hand gestures, facial expressions you want to convey and don’t forget your glitter globe (aka, props). Don’t want strangers traipsing around your abode? No problemo. Pull out your iPhone, pick your backdrops, work from your list (above) and start clicking!

Clean Up: Maybe it once felt right. But now? That opt-in offer makes you cringe a little. And that tagline you hired someone to write for you? You’ve outgrown it. Scour your assets from top to bottom. If it no longer looks or feels right, inside the Goodwill bag it goes!

Platform Check: No matter what direction you take: with your copy, your images or your offers, for the love of Tom Ford please have access to your platform. If you’ve got a tech wizard on speed dial, you still gotta have a way to pop in and make simple tweaks like, whenever. You’re the boss so be sure you’ve got all the keys to all the locks. K?

Make a List: How do you make this glitter boat fly? You’ve gotta have a task list. It’s gotta be detailed and should include things like: 

  • What’s the task?
  • Who’s working on it?
  • What’s the deadline ?
  • What links are involved?
  • Any special instructions/notes?
  • Who’s triple checking?
  • What’s the status?
  • Where’s lunch?

A rebrand is exciting. But without having an organized plan? You’ll find yourself standing on a 7ft ledge of regret with nothing but frustration (and maybe a cookie in your pocket) for company.

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