Think You’ve got An Instagram Business?

Think You’ve got An Instagram Business?

“I help ambitious Etsy Creators grow their Instagram Business”

That’s the headline. The opening statement. The big brand message (the promise) a lovely internet marketer is using to attract new clients.

Ask me what I think. Go-ahead. It’s  flawed…

Flaw #1: No one: not you, not me, not anyone (except for Mark Z.) has an Instagram Business.

Instagram isn’t a business. It’s a distribution channel. A platform to market (and sell) yourself & your wares. 

Kinda how InStyle magazine is a distribution channel for Estée Lauder. Or how a local farmers market is a sales channel for a homemade fruit jam business.

Estee doesn’t own an InStyle business. And the farmer doesn’t own a farmers market business. 

They don’t call it that. So why do we?

I’ll tell ya why. Because there are a lot of people that have mastered using a platform (twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkdIn, Pinterest, and yes, Instagram) and have made it *their* business. 

So when they create their brand message, they unintentionally presume that you want to grow a business like theirs. An <insert platform> business. 

Except that most of us don’t. We wanna grow multi stream business suites that leverage our expertise: coaching, consulting, courses, workshops, books, practical products, art, retreats or maybe, a bit of all. 

We want businesses that scale. 

Flaw #2: You can’t build a business on borrowed turf. Instagram isn’t yours or mine. 

Let’s be real for a sec…

Mark could get a wild hair in his cap and decide to sell it (doubtful since he wants all the toys) or make it a subscription based model or require a cut of all items sold. Who knows! And that’s the point. 

Because you don’t own it, you don’t control it. 

Which means that growing a platform business places your focus on the 👏🏻 wrong 👏🏻 thing 👏🏻.

Flaw #3: It’s also flawed because it’s sending *you* the wrong message. 

The message that dominating a platform is your prize. Your big win. That’s messed up. Because platforms aren’t prizes. They’re a means to an end. The only real prize? Is you.

Picture it…

It’s 2am. Your ideal someone is wide awake, anxiously scrolling hoping to find…something to make sense of their confusion or settle their soul. 

They find your profile and spend the next 25-minutes pouring over your words. 

Not because you’ve built an IG business. But because you know how to f*ng market yourself. 

And when you know how to do that? You can market yourself anywhere. 

PS. A better promise?  Yes, You Can Sell On Instagram! Let Me Show You How.

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