You wouldn’t take a vitamin for a migraine

You wouldn’t take a vitamin for a migraine

Red pill or blue pill? Those were Neos choices. The chance to learn the truth or live in la la land bliss. 

If you think about it, the Matrix was a movie about meaning (don’t worry, I’m not gonna go all Morpheus on you).

It was about context.

And marketing? That’s about context too. 

Like creating offers. You can create something that’s like a red pill: it opens peoples eyes to their real problem & solves it, fast. Or you can create a blue pill option that’s nice to have but doesn’t change a whole hell of a lot.

Now I’m not saying we’re in a Matrix situation (although I wouldn’t mind having the ability to do that whole slo-mo bullet dodging back bend thing) but what if we marketed more immediate pain solvers? 

Because if someones pain point is the equivalent of a migraine, you wouldn’t want to offer them a Flintstones vitamin. You’d wanna offer something…stronger.

And given the state of the world these past few months, 2020 pain points have a dystopian movie vibe (without all the choreographed fight scenes).

Strangely (or fantastically?), we’re all Neos because we get to choose: keep solving yesterday’s problems or put on our empathy goggles and solve more immediate ones.

I’m curious, what’s the biggest pain point change (big or small) you’ve noticed in your market? Asking for a Ray Ban wearing friend.

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