My 1996 bangs were quickly turning into a frizzy paste of mousse and sweat.

I hopped on an elevator carrying my bagged Boudin lunch when the executive big shot standing to my left turned towards me and said, “what do we do?”

It was a thing.

No one (no matter how high up you were) could escape random requests to stand and deliver (literally). It was nerve wracking but it made me real good at getting to the point.

What about you? How do you respond when someone asks, “so, what do you do?”

Because if you want people knocking on your DM door asking how they can work with you, it’s gotta be crystal clear what you do, how you do it and for whom.

<you’re probably thinking, duh. hang on I’m about to show you something coolio.>

Here’s a simple format I give my clients for when they wanna be clear, get peoples attention and do it with some flair:

– Ambition: before you start rattling off your I do X for Y template, make sure you’ve got an engaged audience. Open by stating what ambition your work/thing addresses. No one does this. And when you do, you’ll stand out (even before you get into the details).

– Desire: what inspired you to offer your thing? Every business has a story. When someone asks what you do, they’re really asking for a story. Give ‘em one!

– Struggle: you created your offer because something wasn’t working or you felt something was missing or you wanted to say something in a new way. What was that?

– Turnaround: you tried, failed and kept going. But one day, it all changed. How?

– Offer: when done right, your audience is hanging on your every word. NOW you can give the details of your offer.

It looks like a lot until you realize it’s all about having versions. Quickie handshake versions, cocktail party versions (if those ever become a thing again) and standing in a pool of your own sweat in an elevator versions.

Back in the day, I rehearsed ours (out loud) over and over…and it wasn’t even my company!

For your business, it’s the #1 thing that should roll off your tongue as easily as your name because if you wanna get noticed, you gotta be noticeable.

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